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At 5:34am on November 14, 2010, Ford Prefect said…
Hello Mary,

Noticed you have a Merritt interest.

Have not got beyond the following in looking at the Merritt family

John Merritt

About 1829 in Chatham, Ontario, Upper Canada
14 Aug 1886 in Drouin West, Victoria, Australia
Stephen Merritt b. About 1800 Carpenter
Ruth Emily Baker b. About 1800
Immigration: About 1853 Australia
Occupation: Farmer
Married: Catherine McDonald (Wife) b. About Oct 1838 in Laois, Ireland

I think it may be long shot but its worth asking if you recognise any of these people in your records.


Kieran Merritt
At 9:03am on August 12, 2009, Monica Wilbanks Buzbee said…
Mary, I have little on my Brickleys. I don't believe any of them went to Iowa (that I am aware of). Sarah Brickley (b. ca. 1824 at Sea) of unknown parents married Samuel Curran in 1843, Antrim, Ireland. The couple migrated to Ontario, Canada in the 1850's. Some of their children then migrated to the central valley of California in the late 1880's. Perhaps a Brickley hopped off in Iowa? Due to her dubious birth "at sea", I have had difficulty determining Sarah's origins. It is possible some of her relations migrated from Ireland to Canada and on across the U.S with her children to California. I simply don't have any data one way or the other. I'll keep Iowa on my mind as I'm searching Brickleys and I'll let you know if I run into anything. Thanks.
At 8:27am on July 31, 2009, Doug Tallman said…
Hi Mary. Feel free to join the Tallman Families group.

At 11:38am on July 27, 2009, Larry Bowles said…
Guess I have to eat my words. I did a little more research on Malmøhus County and found Genarp birth records for 1867 after all. Mathilda Larsson born Sept. 21, 1867 at Klagstorp in Genarp Parish to Nils Larsson and Bengta Nilsdotter. Nils and Bengta had: Anders - born 4-17-1854, Sven - born 4-15-1856, Marie - born 2-17-1858, Karna - born 1-30-1860, Lars - born 6-3-1862, Anna - born 3-7-1865 and then Mathilda. Nils Larsson and Bengta Nilsdotter were married Feb. 10, 1854 in Genarp. Nils born on October 29, 1831 and Bengta born Nov. 6, 1832..both in Genarp. When I have time, I'll try and get you a couple of images and send via e-mail.
At 4:42pm on July 26, 2009, Larry Bowles said…
Mary: Genarp 1352.13.43000 is not the birth record of Mathilda. It is a moving in account of the family in Skurup Parish. On it, it will show her birthdate and place of birth but not the actual birth record. There is no birth record for 1867 in Genarp. It is possible to get her parents by finding her on the parish clerical survey records for Genarp for 1867-1870 or so. To do that, one would have to search the entire Genarp parish clerical survey records until you find the family. It would take quite a while to do that. I can work on it but it would take time to find the family among all the farms and locations associated with Genarp Parish.
At 5:45pm on July 24, 2009, Steven L Bonnell said…

Read your comment in the "I am a Geneaholic" group about your
".. and had a photo taken of me right where they were standing ..".

Several years ago I was at a Bridge Dedication for a local resident...
short story is
see this:
then see this:

"If you look at the background of the black & white photograph
of Lt. Wolf on the home page,
you will notice a sloping stone wall.
Here is that same wall, almost 50 years later,
with Lt. Michael Frederick Wolf's nephew, Michael James Wolf
at about the same spot."

Turns out that Lt. Wolf is my '3rd cousin once removed' !
At 2:18am on July 24, 2009, Leif R Unosson said…
If you need any further help, just let me know.
Good luck.
At 2:44pm on July 23, 2009, Leif R Unosson said…
Larry is right about Genline, you can find Olas and Mathildas parents on those lists.
My printer/scanner is out of order for the moment, but it's nice with co operation, thaks to Larry.
Genline use to have discounts if you look at their web site.
At 10:31am on July 23, 2009, Larry Bowles said…
Sure...I would have to go to the site he's using and print out the images. Then I can scan them as jpeg or pdf files and send them to you as attachments. The site he is using is called Genlines...a Swedish site that contains all the parish records of Sweden. It's expensive to subscribe to but most professionals who concentrate on Sweden use it. I'll check the pages he lists (that's the number and GID) and print them out for you and send as e-mail attachments. You'll have to give me your regular e-mail. You can do that by going to That is my website and I am the webmaster. At the bottom of the page is a flying dove carrying mail. Click on that and send your e-mail's a direct line to me.
At 12:51am on July 23, 2009, Leif R Unosson said…
Ola Nilsson, Born 4-17-1862, Genarp. 100012.45.60300 GID
Mathilda Larsson, born 9-21-1867, Genarp 1352.13.43000 GID
Maria, born 8-31-1888, Genarp 100012.145.19300 GID
Family moved from Genarp to Skurup, Skurup 1352.13.43000 GID
I hope this will help you come further, If you need more assistants don’t hesitate to contact me.
Good luck.
At 9:13pm on July 22, 2009, Larry Bowles said…
Probably not. If you were given a confirmation that she was definitely born in should have been given the exact birth date. From Genarp, it is possible to follow the family through history toward the present until she marries. I can look at her birth record and get the names of the parents confirmed as well as their dates of birth and the towns.
At 5:51pm on July 22, 2009, Leif R Unosson said…
Ola Nilsson and Mathilda was both born in Genarp. They had a daughter
Maria born 1888 in Genarp too, I think she can be the Mary Elisabeth you told me about.
At 10:11pm on July 20, 2009, Larry Bowles said…
All I can say is that my Swedish book lists all the parishes in Sweden and there's no Grenart...just the ones I listed. I thought if I could find Mathilda's birth, I could track her to her marriage to Ole and then find his birthplace that way. It doesn't surprise me, however, that the obituary may have misspelled the parish. I've seen that time and time again. If anything turns up, I'll let you know.
At 6:47pm on July 20, 2009, Larry Bowles said…
I want to make sure you think Genarp is the right parish. Please let me know.
At 6:46pm on July 20, 2009, Larry Bowles said…
Mary: I understand about their first born being female. Being born in Malmo means searching over 5 parishes as that is a good sized city. However, her mother, Mathilda Larson born in Grenart on 9/21/1867 is another matter. The problem is that there is NO parish in Sweden by the name of Grenart. There is a Gnarp and a Genarp. Genarp is in Malmohus County so I went there and searched within the city limits of Genarp but no Larson family like yours was there. There are over 50 farms comprising the parish of Genarp taking up over 290 pages of data. I searched 34 pages making up the internal city of Genarp only. Before I search the remaining 256 pages,
At 11:04am on July 17, 2009, Larry Bowles said…
Mary...If you could provide the information about the name of the small child they brought with them from Sweden, it might be possible to find his birthplace in Sweden through his World War I draft card. I have access to these. It's important to have the child's name and if you know it, where he was living in 1920.




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