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Youngs in Tulliallan Parish, Perthshire, Scotland, 1841

At the census of 1841 there were twenty individuals surnamed Young in Tulliallan Parish, Perthshire (since 1891 in Fife). At this census, the first undertaken in the UK, information collected was minimal. Familial relationships and birthplace were left out. They were added at the next census in 1851.

(John Street?)
Christian Primrose, 30
Andrew Young, 12
John Young, 9

Alexander Young, 7
Euphemia Young, 2

[Christian Primrose continued to use her maiden name after marriage, a common custom in Scotland. The head of this family, Alexander Young, was a ship's carpenter, and probably at sea on the night of the census.]

(Silver Street)
Gilbert Young, 30, sawyer

Catherine Young, 25
Christian Young, 20

Gilbert Young, 8
[There is some evidence that Gilbert and family were related to the family of Alexander Young above, but this is not certain.]

(Mercer Street)
David Young, 30, carter
Antonette Young

James, 2

David, 11 months
[David Young and Antonette Mustard were married at Tulliallan, 13th November, 1837.]

(Cooper Lane)

Elish Young, 30

Andrew Young, 11

Janet Young, 7

Robert Young, 3

William Young, 50, farmer

Jean Young, 35

Elizabeth Ronald, 80
[I believe Muirhead was a farm. Elizabeth Ronald may have been Jean Young's mother; or even William's mother still called by her maiden name.]

(Keith Street)

Mary Young, 14

[Household servant Isabella Paton and Thomas Abernethy]

(Niles Street?)

Isabella Young, 50

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