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Wow! what a group of people (and my latest FHL update)

I just got the most amazing comment on one of my groups here - I lamented the fact that I couldn't find some ancestors (Housler & Erskine) in Muskegon Co., MI. I have had several people give me suggestions, most of which I have already done, but some of which were new ideas I am pursuing. Then today, I got a wonderful surprise - a corespondent sent me a link to the death certificate of Daniel Hostler that I have been looking for for years!!! I now have a maiden name for Daniel's mother, as well as his exact death date and the city he was buried in. How can I possibly say thank you?

Wednesday at the library was pretty good. I found primary evidence for births, deaths, and marriages of some of my 18th century ancestors and their children.I am currently going through the Stamford Genealogical Society's periodical. They have done a lot of transcriptions and the periodical is well worth the effort.

I also transcribed the will of Jacob Schwartz that I copied Monday, and have narrowed his death date to about a 1 year time span. This cuts it down significantly from what I had to start with.

Going again tomorrow. My eyes are still tired from 2 days of microfilms, so I'll probably work on the Stamford books again.

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