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I don't understand the word! I just read James Turner's article "why should I go to a genealogical conference?" and tried to respond to it. I wrote but it didn't appear. I can't seem to reach James turner even though we are both members of various Genealogy Wise groups. I don't know how to be involved with the Blog thing. I am Susan (S.J.) Cruse and I would like very much to respond to Mr. Turner. I am Deaf and I have some positive comments on this.

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Comment by S. J. Cruse on January 20, 2010 at 6:10pm
Thanks so much for your response. I gotta tell ya, I do not exactly have hearing loss, I have NO sound at all. Zip. Not my own voice, or yelling or nada. I am sorry to hear that you have the hearing loss, though. Do you have a hearing aid to help you? I will look forward to hear from you on my email. Actually, right now I have no associates. Just moved to Oregon from Ohio last fall and am still trying to "adjust"! BTW, you probably don't use interpreters, so how do you deal with meetings and speaches, etc? when I was teaching, I did my own talking, but had my interpreters for the class people. Now I use them for Dr. appts etc and would need them in talking to groups. I still do my own talking!
Comment by James Tanner on January 20, 2010 at 4:43pm
Hi, this is James Tanner. I am very easy to get in touch with, you just did. I very much appreciate your comment to my blog. I too suffer from hearing loss and can relate to your situation. I would be very glad to act as a forum for your comments and to assist you and any of your associates in any way that I can. I will send you an E-mail when I get to my computer.


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