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Don't you get tired of having to pick titles and screen names and passwords? I sure do.

I had started several groups on here, one of which was called, "Wiley - New Jersey". I was approached about it and asked if I'd be including variant spellings and different locations. My answer was, "no". To be honest, I am not all that interested in the name itself. It is Irish. Very cool. The more lines I have that are of Irish origins, the happier I am. It was my grandmother's maiden name and since I adored my grandmother, of course I like the name Wiley.
Do I want to interact with every Wiley I run into? Only if they are related and provide the opportunity for me to go "WOO HOO! another cousin!". There was lots of mystery and tragedy in my grandmother's family of origin, so if I got to meet someone who could shed some light on the darkness that fell on that family, I'd be really happy again.
I am more than happy to share my data. I love starting family trees for friends just to see their reaction. (of course they are always impressed by the fact that I found people in 1900!) To be brutally honest, though, what I care most about (besides wishing my kids gave a hoot about their mother's bizarre hobby) is getting the solutions to the questions in my own genealogy.
So, the bottom line is this, a blog makes much more sense to me, especially in this setting. I've tried gene blogs before. I have one on Blogger. I've tried posting notes on Facebook. Those aren't good settings for getting answers. I reach a lot of people but almost none of those people understand or care about genealogy. (something I will never understand - how can you NOT care about who you are?) I've deleted all the groups I started, except South Jersey Roots. Hopefully, a blog at Genewise will suit me much better and with any luck, someone will see it who not only cares, but might be looking for the same things I am. If I am lucky, they might even have some answers.

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