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Looking for help, but not quite sure this is the correct way please bear with me and explian if i have it wrong i'll get it right next time. Here we go
I have two Robert Hills one I have connected to my tree quite easily, he was Robert born 1807 in Mariansleigh, Devon and married Mary Ann Cruwys in 1841 then married Jane Greenslade by 1871 bringing daughter Bessie J (b.1865) with her. All good so far.
Now, the other Robert I'm trying to connect, without luck, born 1811 Mariansleigh, 1841 census shows no wife but son Thomas aged 8. A Jane Hill died in Mariansleigh Aug 1839, with possible marriage on 6th March 1832 Jane Ayre so this could have been the family but nothing to show this Roberts' parents or any detail of him or Thomas in further Census. Any ideas gratefully received.

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