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Treasure Chest Thursday ----------MMMMMMM big ?

 Yes, I think it was a Treasure Chest Thursday but not maybe in a way one would think.

  We gave testimony in regards to someone who walked amongst us today.  It was good to hear the words

  that were spoken. 

  My family is blessed to walk amongst these people and claim them as long long time friends more like family.

  One does not need to see them often to remember all the good things and times we shared. Support that was given 

  and hugs and tears that have been shared for more than 50 years. 

  Cousin mentioned the ladies cooking and I wanted to chuckle but did not dare.  She was an awesome cook.

  She was a good human. Someone mentioned the No Bake Cookie Recipe that came from Mom so long ago.

  It thrills me to hear that many families are sharing it yet and still. I wish I could remember where Mom acquired it.

  Hershey's or Quaker Oats probably or 4-H.    Yes you can make it with out cocoa or chocolate, too.

  The chuckle was from a day we went over to have Spanish Rice for dinner and learned we had different recipes.

  We both were a bit perplexed how it could be so different. Sometimes areas do things different we decided.

  We all did a "Licked the Platter Clean" event with the Rice.  I still make it her way once in a while.


  The treasure of the day was the sharing of long time friends and family. Seeing faces of long ago and putting names

  on them today. Cousin and his wife, brother, yes brother, cousin and her son, her sister and her brother and all of the

  acquaintances of long ago.  A lady I had not seen since my Uncle's death in 2001. 

  Treasures do not have to be solid some times just memories of better times of the past.

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