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The Life and Diary of Robert Brouk

January 10, 2011 – Chicago, IL. Jennifer Holik-Urban announces the release of To Soar with the Tigers, The Life and Diary of Robert Brouk.

To Soar with the Tigers is the story of Flying Tiger Robert Brouk, a Flight Leader in the 3rd Squadron of the American Volunteer Group during World War II. In the months prior to Pearl Harbor, until the disbandment of the American Volunteer Group in July 1942, the Flying Tigers valiantly fought the Japanese over the skies of Burma and China.

To Soar with the Tigers contains Brouk’s complete war diary which outlines his dramatic experiences from the moment he enlisted in the American Volunteer Group to its disbandment. 

Brouk’s story also contains snapshots of the life he led upon his return to his home in Cicero, Illinois; including a graphic account of his untimely death; and accounts of how Brouk has been remembered through the years.

To Soar with the Tigers is in e-book format and print at, this publication is available for download in epub format on the Amazon Kindle and Barnes and Noble Nook. Signed copies will be available for purchase at the author’s website, Generations

About Jennifer Holik-Urban

Jennifer Holik-Urban, is a professional genealogist, genealogy educator and author, and the owner of Generations (, a genealogical research business.  She has been researching her family history since 1996, uncovering the life stories of her ancestors.  Holik-Urban is also the author of two blogs, Chicago Family History ( and Family History Research ( and has written for local Chicago area Genealogical Society publications. You can contact Holik-Urban through email (, Facebook (, or Twitter (!/jencoffeelover).

About Generations

Generations provides services to the genealogical community including research, consulting, education, and writing.

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