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The Wolford Connection - Correcting Some Errors

I knew this was bound to happen and I have to correct some errors. The first concerns the three Catherine Kremers or Kraemer. Philip Wolford was married to Catherine Kraemer and they lived in West Manheim Twp., York Co PA. Some of their children went to Centre Co. PA.  Her name is correct. I mentioned that their son John was married to a Catherine Kremer. That is not correct. He was married to Catherine FUHRMAN of York Co PA. Her dates are however correct. Their son John was married to Catherine Kremer. That is correct.

The second error concerns the Brungarts who married  John Wohlford's daughters  This concerns a Martin Brungart and an Adam Brungart. This comes from "The Douty-Smith and Beck-Price Families by Norman Douty 1974. " Three of John's daughters married men surnamed Brungart, two called George. George, the husband of Elizabeth and Martin (not Adam as Linn says), the husband of Sarah, were brothers, sons of Jacob, one of the four sons of Martin Brungart who came to Miles Twp in 1802.  George, the husband of Anna Maria  was a son of Jacob's brother, Johan George and so a cousin of his brother-in-law. It was this latter George who was one of the administrators of John  Wohlfart's will. These three Brungart families had a total of 26 children."

The Linn he talks above is John Blair Linn who wrote the History of Centre and Clinton Counties which contains a lot of biographical information about these families. But based on the above he is in error about Adam.

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Comment by Michael F. Kibel on July 4, 2012 at 8:42pm

Jim, You have me compelely confused, Can you list the birth or death dates with the names? As I have it my line for Brungart's are Great, Great, Grandmother Mary Jane Brungart b.Aug 29, 1847, her parents George Brungart b. Feb 4, 1821 & Anna Maria Wohlford b. Aug 25, 1829, George's parents George Brungard b. Jul 20, 1788, & Salome Kehi b. Jan 14, 1787, George's b. 1821, Parents Martin Brungart b. Bef. 1759 & Catherine Wentz b. Bef. 1759, that is as far back as I have.




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