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The picture shows a baby in Mr. Faber's lap.  Is it the  first, second or third child.  I would think some of those in IOWA would know but so far no concrete answers.  

A clue would be the picture was taken in Illinois. 

So when did they live in Illinois?  Look for old letters, reports in newspapers and census information may give us a clue. 

I am sure that Lucy Faber's kin would surely know but I am not hearing that.  Isn't genealogy and family fun?

All boys wore gowns then and didn't wear pants until preschool age in many homes.  I have to find my picture of Lucy Faber I was given years ago. Believe it on the other computer like so much more genealogical information.

The picture is in the previous post.  Do contact me if you have an answer. Please and Thank you.

Maybe Vaughn or Charles might know.  

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