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Spring Seminar, More Information  31 March 2012 

We are all excited to have Leland Meitzler and William Dollarhide at our Spring Seminar.

 We have so much news we need two pages.

  Leland is bringing the books from his company FAMILY ROOTS PUBLISHING COMPANY.

  Attendees will be able to browse and find lots of great information that they normally are not exposed. 

  Family Roots Publishing Company is a fabulous place to find information that you were not able to find.

  The site lists the: Genealogy Newsline, Newsletter you can sign up to receive, Genealogy Guides,

  German Map Guides, How to Guides, Flip-Pal Scanners & Accessories and much more.

  Family Roots Publishing - Home

  Go here to see what they have that you may want to consider acquiring. Even if not now you can put it on 

  your wish list for Mother's Day, Birthday, or Anniversary, Father's Day and any other family celebrated event. 

  Having known and enjoyed their expertise for several years I can personally say they are quality to work with.

  Their knowledge is fabulous and their so very enjoyable.  Thanks for being the Genealogists you Are.

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