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Many genealogists research for years and the information just stacks. Or it gets entered in the computer. But what happens when the genealogist dies? Your will may indicate where your papers are to go, but once you are dead, you are dead. Those papers and files may still go to the dump.

Consider publishing small pieces of your research in local publications, such as those of the local historical or genealogical society. Compiling a biography of great-great-grandfather may be a small enough task that you think you will actually get it done. Transcribe an old document. Write up the family of 3rd great-grandmother. Submit the finished piece (including your sources) to the editor of local genealogical newsletters or quarterlies. These publications usually go begging for information to print.

The newsletters are received by numerous libraries. They may even be digitized. And then if your information does go out to the curb at your demise at least something has been preserved. There are other options for preserving your information, but getting at least some of it "published" will mean that others will be helping you to preserve it after you are gone.

Just a thought.

Michael John Neill

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