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Searching for my grandfather's family in Poland

In 2018, I discovered and visited the town of Kraśnik in Eastern Poland where my maternal grandfather's family - his mother Maria Zagórska and two sisters of my grandfather with their husbands and children emigrated to in 1943. I visited the town cemetery and found a grave of my great-grandmother and of the sister of my grandfather (Maria Proficz nee Zagórska).
I left a note there, where I indicated my name and contacts. In a few days I received an e-mail... This is how I found my aunt and her daughters, Ewa and Elżbieta, Living in Lublin. I know it was my grandfather's dream - to find his family. A dream of all his life in USSR. A dream that never came true. I did this, in more than 70 years. When the boarders are open to Ukrainians, no visa needed...

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