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Scott Research Mix Mash Mulligan in Orange Co. VA

As I am watching the early film THE FUGITIVE I spent my time scanning early records that were posted on I did not find much but some tidbits that sent me to to find queries that
people have posted over the last ten years.

It appears an old friend is going to link in again to another line. It also appears I may have found where
to seriously dig for more information.

The site boasted an early map of Orange Co and its splinters off but it was more a genealogy of the lineage of the county down to Orange Co.

I am looking for a map that will show me what part of Pittsylvania Co were taken from Orange Co.. There is a good chance that Thomas Scott never moved and the county boundary changed.

Suspecting that the Nixon sisters that married the Scott brothers are part of the line we seek. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

I am looking for an early Marriage Record book of Orange Co. from about 1740 to 1770. I am looking for the marriage of Thomas Scott. He was supposedly dead by 1770. But then maybe he just went across the line back to Orange Co?? Lots of theories could have happened.

John was born in 1761 since we were given data implying he had an older brother the marriage had to be earlier.

Even more interesting reading the MTDNA data in on matches for my Scott line ( Grandma) I can suspect that there were other girls from this family that stayed and went south. How the SCOTT in Canada early ties in I suspect is going back to Scotland.

I am going to look at the YDNA data we have received on the Scott lineage and see what else sets there for us to look at.

Looking for marriage book for Orange Co. VA between 1740 to 1770. Looking for WILL of a THOMAS SCOTT probably drawn in Orange Co. VA. Any land Records also. Since John is his son's name is the JOHN SCOTT mentioned in Orange CO of this line. I suspect so. John b 1761 had a brother named William another we think named Nathaniel.

Kay I am sure we have talked before. So if you or Gordon read this please contact me. I am still digging.

Anyone with the Marriage book or Land Record data I would appreciate your help also.


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