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Saving Memories Forever Launches Free Genealogy App for iPhone

Combined SMF iPhone app and SMF website provide a new approach to saving and sharing family history and stories through audio recordings.

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --  Saving Memories ForeverTM  (SMF), has just launched its new iPhone App, Saving Memories Forever. This free application makes it easy to record and share family memories through audio recordings by seamlessly linking to the SMF website,

With the official introduction of the iPhone App, the Saving Memories Forever audio system is fully integrated and ready for use.

This new approach to sharing family history through audio recordings was created by Harvey and Jane Baker. The two saw a need to go beyond ancestry and the family tree to create an online portal where family members could tell their stories in their own voices to share and save for current and future generations.
A website review reads, "This App is a must have for people interested in documenting their family's history. Its interface is easy to use, the question prompts give you a ton of topics to talk about and the organization is great."

This Smartphone web-based system allows people to talk about the important things in their life, including happy, sad, and amusing memories. This combination of stories gives true insight into what a person was all about and is an invaluable oral tool for anyone interested in preserving family genealogy. It gives a grandchild or great-grandchild the chance to really know a deceased relative---far beyond facts and statistics.

Recordings on the SMF website are categorized, private, secure, and permission based. The basic package is free. Subscriptions with many additional features are offered at just $3.99 per month.

The audio scrapbook is ideal for anyone who attends family reunions, scrapbook workshops or genealogy conferences and wants to preserve those legacies.

About Saving Memories Forever

Saving Memories ForeverTM provides a new online system to create and preserve family memories through audio recordings. Each subscriber has a dedicated area on the site to upload and manage their recordings. Available through the iTunes store, the new app is free and is a seamless connection between the website and recording process. Users with any computer can record, save, and upload their recorded stories with or without the app. For additional information visit

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