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Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy (SLIG) Announces New Course for 2015‏

The Salt Lake Institute of Genealogy is excited to announce the inclusion of a new course:

"Getting More Out of Genetic Genealogy Research: Intermediate to Advanced DNA Analysis Techniques"

Due to the high demand for genetic genealogy education, SLIG has added an advanced Genetic Genealogy course coordinated by CeCe Moore and Angie Bush.This advanced analysis course is intended for the genealogist who has a thorough understanding of genetic genealogy basics and has experience applying DNA testing to family history research. This is the next step in genetic genealogy education, with a focus on preparing professionals and others to work on genetic genealogy cases and strengthen the skills of those who are already doing so.

This course will examine the methods used by expert genetic genealogists to thoroughly and accurately analyze DNA testing results to advance knowledge of an individual’s genealogy. Instruction will include complex case studies that incorporate multiple types of DNA testing results, analyzed in conjunction with documentary evidence, as well as cases where DNA test results are the primary resource, such as in unknown parentage cases. Coursework will include analyzing and comparing DNA testing data from all of the companies offering products to the genealogy community with explanations and demonstrations of the most valuable features and tools for the genetic genealogist working with large amounts of data. Through active participation in and completion of this course, the genealogist will gain essential skills for integrating DNA testing with traditional genealogy research on an advanced level.

This course will pick up where other genetic genealogy courses have left off and take attendees to the next level in using DNA as a research tool. The course will feature top of the line instructors and topics. There are several prerequisites to the course. Please visit for more information.

In addition, SLIG would like to announce that the registration date has been moved from to allow those travelling to IGHR the opportunity to register without stress.

Debra A. Hoffman
Hoffman Genealogical Services
PO Box 755
New Windsor, Maryland 21776
Twitter: @DebraAHoffman


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