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Terry Thornton sent us this link to "Deep Fried Kudzu"

"The city of Oxford, Alabama, is destroying a 1500-year-old Indian mound to use it as fill for the building of a Sam's Club". We all love Sam's Club, but are we to believe that this is the only place to get dirt in the whole state of Alabama. When I was stationed at Fort McClellan in Anniston, Alabama, on the other side of the freeway from Oxford, there was plenty of dirt everywhere. I just visited the Fort a couple of years ago and there seemed to still be dirt everywhere. So, perhaps there is something else going on, or just bureaucratic paperwork gone afoul.

How can this be happening in our "enlightened" age? Pass the word along, we need to find a way to stop this before they destroy any more of our heritage. I guess I'll start with my two Senators from California.

Any ideas?

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