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1. Basic Research Summary, it lists name of person being researched, Vital Records and their sources,  Census Records and location, occupation and age (source) etc.
2. Internet Research Summary,  lists sites, Search Terms, and Results pg 1 and 2
3. Repository List, Surname and Localities:  it lists the Repository, Date, Resources Found, Information Obtained.4.
4. Individual's Time LIne Summary: Name, parents, Birth Date, Death Date, Spouses Name, Marriage Date, Marriage Locations,  Date, Location Event Details and Source.
5. Genealogy Research To-Do List, lists Family and Researcher: Date, Research Activity, Findings

A Five Generation  Chart is the foundation for your research. The Group Sheet is your work horse.  You can follow both male and female members on these charts.
The Research Journals listed above are the what list your needs and how to keep track of what you may or may not find.
One Research Journal lists, date of event, repository, sources, surnames, objective and results.
A Research Checklist, lists the records you are to look for, if found, where, etc. or not found
Remember to make your personal list of questions you are in need of for each name you are planning on researching.  Some times, a general check lists works but you need to add the specifics
for certain names.
Such as: Questions on Events, Relationships, Descriptions and Places.

Research Logs help keep you on track when over excited, unsatisfied and discouraged. Remember a negative is a positive because it gave you an answer.
These Research Logs can be also found at:  They are free.

When going to do Research:
1. contact the facility ahead of time, the sooner the better
2. develop a relationship with them, they then know your serious and interested
3. Give them surnames, you wish help with.
4. Learn their hours of being open.
5. Remember not many places allow computers, phones, and camera's. (plenty of pencil and paper)  Security issues I am told
6. Contact the Historical or Genealogical Society months ahead, so they can be able to help you more fully.
7. Remember they may have surname lists of others looking for same names.
8. Check Newspapers, Court Houses, Churches, Cemeteries, Businesses and any other places that they recommend you look at. (contact ahead of time)
9. Remember they are the eyes and ears of where your going and have knowledge you do not have
10. Smile, Be Gracious and Thank them for what they do, even if it is nothing to help you.

A side bar I learned was if you have choice over records or meeting relatives, even distant, I hope you make the right decision.
Best of Luck.
These rules apply to any place or any country.

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