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Observations made Today.

As we watch our lives change and the method of travel become more intense with scanners and the like I want to share something I observed today.

Some place in California, in a County Court House, I suddenly realized what I was seeing, better yet I figured out why it looked like that.

Stand in line, no belts, no metal, no items that will set off the scan system. Alas the little metal clips on the end of my boot top made a ping both days I have been there. Forgot about it or would not have wore them second time.

This time we had a male with us and off comes the belt, no cell phones, no keys no chains for keys ie anything, and suspenders with metal mean you get a wand.

As we sat waiting our court turn I just  could not figure why every man looked bedraggled and like he may have just hurriedly dressed.  Well, he did, just quickly dress as he is rushing to a  Court Room or a Judicial meeting. Sad that it means the shirts are not always properly tucked in. the pants are a skrewer on his body. This includes three piece suits, vests and shirts, slacks and shirts etc.

 I now wish I had taken a discreet picture or two of the examples I saw, actually we all saw this. The ladies seem to fare much better with minor adjustments. Their slacks fit at the waist or the skirt fits so they do not need a belt. 

An Observation I Made Today.  It is not just airports but our very own court's have created a strange look to our professionally claimed  gentlemen.   Yes, we need this but maybe a few extra minutes so you can go to the restroom to adjust your no longer professional look.  

Genealogically I wonder if others have seen this happen in their neighborhood? I almost burst out in laughter when I realized why they looked so different.

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