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I posted this on the Introduction Forum and decided to copy and place as my first blog so I can easily find it later.

I'm Margaret Ann from Tennessee. I have been researching my elusive family since 1983. I really appreciate having U.S. census records at my finger tips 24/7 as when I started I had to go to the public library and they certainly didn't have all the census records available on microfilm either, much less an index. The 1910 census was available and I still remember the excitement when 1920 census was finally available at the Memphis Public Library. I was there almost daily. I was a member at ancestry when the 1930 was released and I watched the site daily and as soon as one of my counties was published I manually searched and found my parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents.

I'm totally addicted to genealogy- I need a Twelve Step Program sometimes. I have many brick-walls in my immediate line, so I have searched many collateral lines in hopes of breaking my own wall. Many of my ancestors are from Tennessee or came through Tennessee and Tennessee has had multiple record losses due to fire, war, meaness and disasters. I seem to have ancestors that only live in counties with record losses- (; .

I enjoy cemetery hopping, going to the Tennessee Archives as well as to other Southern State Archives. I enjoy surfing online. This past year I have focused a lot on my southern Confederate Soldiers b/c so many records are now available at Footnote. I have enjoyed this and look forward to footnote adding Union Soldier databases so I can obtain same type of information on my Union Soldiers. I am especially looking forward to Footnote placing the Pension files online. I want to read all of the Sixth Tennessee Cavalry USA Pension records.

My # 1 brickwall I want to crash through is my TULL line. There is so much misinformation on the internet (same as prior to internet) about this line. I want proof of who my people are and from whence they came. The earliest date I have is 1795 Maryland>Georgia/South Carolina by 1816>Alabama by 1832>onto Mississippi>back to Alabama>MS>TN and finally Texas. My direct ancestors decided to put down some pretty deep roots in McNairy County, Tennessee (&surrounding counties of Chester and Hardeman). Who is Mary Tull born 1795 Maryland. Is Tull your maiden name or married name? Who is the father of your children? Who are all your children? What is your relationship to Elizabeth Tull, born about 1815 South Carolina? Who is the father of her children? How did you'll travel from Georgia to Tennessee? Did you come with neighbors, friends, or other relatives? If so, who are they? What is your story? Why did the Walker County, Alabama County Court demand your Georgia Lottery Land be sold? Why did you leave your Georgia Lottery Land in Carroll County, Georgia? Who is Allen Ruff? Why is he listed as the Guardian of your children? Oh so, many unanswered questions?

I appreciate all the primary images and records being posted almost daily online. As much as I enjoy blogging, networking and my little tree on ancestry the primary reason I have a subscription to ancestry,footnote and genealogybank are those primary records with images. I have enjoyed this site for two days and look forward to many more fun and happy hours exploring, sharing and maybe meeting people searching the same folks or places.

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