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My mtDNA is A2 . My father was from Germany and my mother is from Guatemala. Although my genetic background is

75% European I am learning more of how mtDNA is passed down through thousands of generations exclusively from

Mother to Daughter ! My mother like so many people in Latin America, is of both European and Native American

descent. I recently learned that my mtDNA A2 and is most likely inherited through one of my Native American

tribal backgrounds which are currently calculated to be;

Indigenous Central America: 10 %

Indigenous Yucatan: 7%

Indigenous Mexico: 5%

Indigenous Eastern South America: 2%

Unfortunately I have practically No Information on my Maternal Grandmother's background, other than her name:

Florencia Arriaga, born in the area of either Quetzaltenango or San Marcos Department of Guatemala (?) and that she

was purported to have been 16 years old and not yet married at the time she tragically died during childbirth along with

her twin son, my mother being the surviving twin daughter.This occurred on a remote coffee Finca in March 1926.The

owner of the Finca was one of my Maternal Grandfather Ignacio Rogelio Reina Rabanales (1900-1984) brothers; Rosalio

(nick-named Chalio) Reina Rabanales. My Maternal Grandfather's descendants are also predominantly mtDNA A2 .

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