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More Lincolnshire memorial stones added

St Margaret’s , Quadring , Lincolnshire

St Peter and St Paul , Gosberton, Lincolnshire

St Mary & Holy Rood, Donington, Lincolnshire

A small collection of images of Memorial Headstones and Markers taken at the above cemetery’s are available to download  at Ancestry Central  ( – go to find a grave – Select Cemetery/name etc) or select this

In addition to those displayed, there are a number of others that are illegible, please email me if you have a specific request.

Please also explore the other collections and revisit as I start to add my collection. Download for personal use is Free.

Please note this is a small personal collection, but large enough to be worth displaying – I am happy to receive contributions from other people and credit them accordingly. Please email me via the web site if you have any images you would like to share.

Many thanks


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