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I am now getting used to my new iPhone 4 and I am even more impressed
than I was initially. As a side note, this particular cell phone (if you
can still call it that) is not for everyone. The iPhone is currently
supplied only through AT&T and a required data plan, plus phone
service can cost over $100 a month. We use our phones for our business
and can justify the price for the convenience. I receive calendar items,
E-mail and telephone messages instantly from my office. Essentially,
our entire office, with some notable exceptions, has converted over to

The iPhone 4 has a solid feel to it. It weighs only slightly more than the old phone, but seems like it is more solidly built.

But how will it help me with genealogy? I already mentioned the
increased resolution of the built-in camera, to 5 megapixels, but there
are a lot of other benefits. One of those is a selection of Apps for
maintaining your genealogy files on the iPhone. I use Reunion
on my iMac and have taken advantage of the mobile version of the
program. I can have my entire database at my finger tips. I also have
several other genealogy apps on the unit.


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