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Harvey was my Great Grandfather and a very interesting man he was. He was so interesting he disappeared.
Some time in the Mid 1930's Harvey decided to create a new life for himself and left his wife behind in Blackhawk Co. IA. The town of Washburn to be exact.

He came from good stock but he endured much in his life. I can almost understand the reason for the disappearance but it sure has become a stickler to locate his death records.

Family says IOWA under hay stack, Russia with load of Wheat. Australia for vacation others say other things I would not print here.

MY Father knew this man a bit. When they had moved from IOWA to WYO and decided they did not like WYO,
His Grandfather came by the home Dad was living in, in Wheatland and handed him the reins to a horse and key to the adobe (?) house they had lived in. He requested his grandson pass on to his parents that they were going back to IOWA. Dad was about 10 when this happened he thinks maybe a bit younger. I have not done census search to ferret out the actual dates yet.

Harvey was no a poor man and nor was his wife's family. He was thrifty which I think most people then were far more than today. Some time during the 1930's he disappears when he was shipping wheat to Russia.

IF census data I found is correct he found a new life in California. So now wondering many more curious things, like were there more children. Did he leave a WILL or more importantly. HOW do I prove this man may be my Great Grandfather. :>)

IF you have a clue to the mystery or are related please contact me. or or here on line.

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