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Hello All-


                  I am looking for information about the following Ancestors/Family Members:

    1.Cristena(Faith)Colbert-b.Hancock,Md.;Lived and McKeesport,Pa.

       Approx.Life Span from 1860-1948(+/- 5 years(or more?).

       Father:John Faith

       Spouse: John Colbert

       Had 10 children-although not all survived to adulthood.

    2.Zenda Marian (Popper)Colbert

      b.1901-Salt Lake City

      d.1964-Santa Monica California

        Looking for information about her first 25-30 years?

              "      "         "         about her marriage to her two husbands: Edwin C.Davis,and Ralph V.Colbert

              "      "         "         about her children from both marriages.


    3.Ralph V.Colbert

       b.July 18,1896-Hancock,Md.


        Looking for information about marriage to his Wife(Zenda Marian Colbert)-Location and Date of Marriage.

        Looking for any surviving members of his Family on the Colbert/Faith side.

        He had brothers and sisters by the names of: Robert,Francis,Edith,and 4 others?(at least),born to John

        and Cristena(Faith)Colbert.

    4.Looking for information on the following members of the Rich Family,from Alabama,Ohio,Illinois,California,Wisconsin,and elsewhere:

      John Rich;Elijah Rich,Harland Rich;Ralph Rich;William H.Rich;Charles I.Rich;Ernest Rich;Gladys (Zastrow)Rich;

      Isabelle(Anderson)Rich;and others related to these persons. 


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