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Mayflower Passengers Who Left Known Descendants

Are you a descendant of a Mayflower passenger?

Which Mayflower passengers left known descendants? The following are the heads of families who left descendants and the only families from whom descent has been proven:


There are many names missing in the above list, names of men who died the first winter leaving no family behind. Some entire families were wiped out – the Crakstons, Martins, Rigdales, Tillies, Tinkers and Turners. Did these families leave other children behind? Men or boys traveling on their own died and we will never know if they were married and possibly left descendants behind in Holland or England—Allerton, Britterige, Butten, Carter, Clarke, English, Holbeck, Hooke, Langemore, Margeson, Prower, Story, Thomson, Wilder and Williams. Some men died but the families they left behind came over later, therefore we have known descendants from Fletcher and Priest and an unidentified daughter of Turner whom Bradford tells us came later who may have left descendants. Some passengers are not in the above list because they chose to return to England and any descendants they may have left have not yet been found—Cooper, Ely, Gardenar, Trevore and Winslow. Goodman, Latham and Litster all died without known issue.

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