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 I thought this fit right in with some more current information on the USA.

It is titled: 26 Maps Show How Ethnic Groups Are Divided Across America

Maps Of Ancestry Groups In America - Business Insider

 it is written by the Business Insider. It shows how ethnicities stick together even today. Yes, 26 different  maps to help you when you want to know where your ethnicity may have been or may be now in the USA.

Ultra-powerful "black hole" whirlpools seen for the first time in t...

Please go here and read what has been discovered. The picture it shows is breathtaking.

It compares the water & light as having the same thing happen, black holes. 

Some of the other headlines they are discussing are worth taking the time to read.

Expand your mind when doing research so you are more aware of the surroundings and happenings.

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