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Just joined the site and was excited to see so many people searching the Barnett clan.  It's been very helpful in my search. person seems to be elusive and that is my 3rd gg, Albert Barnett born in Spotsylvannia, VA in 1823 and died in Kirksville, MO in 1900.  He married Sarah Elliott and had two children, James Thomas Barnett and Harrietta Barnett.  He was in the Missouri Malitia and before that he went to California for the Gold Rush.  I did notice that Ambrose Barnett was in Spotsylvannia the same time Albert was and even moved to Howard County, MO at the same time but I never see Albert listed as a child of Ambrose anywhere.  My thought was maybe Albert was orphaned by one of Ambrose's brothers but I can't find anything stating that.  Albert's trade was a carpenter.  He may not even be a Barnett.  Perhaps he was adopted!?  Just a thought but my DNA goes back to John Barnett.  Any help would be so appreciated.  

Thanks, Patty

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