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Land Deeds are so critical in research, Let us hope your kin had some.

The neighbors become your relatives, they may even be your ancestors.

Families only married into community people or church related people on the whole.

Even a first name with out a last may give you a clue.

Try say Addie Smith born in OHIO and she marries Mr. Flora.

NOW we find Mr. Flora and his family and can track this family and after his marriage to Addie and children.

Addie has been elusive for at least 4 years of my helping. O yes we have worked on other

names and persued different angles.

She did not drop from the sky or raise out of the ground. O Wouldn't that be fun to have happen.

So now we need to look at the FLORA data to see if any neighbor had a child of the

age to fit into Addie's description. WE are also going to look at church records to see if

church may have kept records showing any sign of Addie's family. I strongly suspect

her mother remarried and the family is living with a new father(Step) and name not Smith.

I used to think she was previously married but there is but a couple of reasons for her to not show up

as Addie Smith on census in 1900. We sure could have used the 1890 census of non existance.

It is hoped checking the land records of neighbors we will find if she worked as a helper in a home near and

maybe is not listed as we expect. Anyone out there have more on Addie Smith whom m MR. Flora. She was born in

OHIO and died in WVA we have her Death Certificate. Friends ancestor and there will be more to follow.

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Comment by patsy adkins on September 18, 2009 at 8:15pm
Is flora the last name on this Addie Smith. What did her death certificate say. did you find an obt on her etc. I l ive in WV and go down to the state archives all the time




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