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Juan Ponce de Leon His New and Revised Genealogy

Juan Ponce de Leon His New and Revised Genealogy the Book Posted on Aug 31st, 2009 by ayesart
The reason for my abscence from these pages has not arisen from creating a plastic work of art or seeking out to discover beautiful nature subjects for my photography but from a different kind of artistic realization.

I have been very busy working upon an important new project. A book!

Juan Ponce de Leon His New and Revised Genealogy.

On 08 28 2009 I uploaded a copy to the Library of Congress Copy Right Office to officially get the book registered.

The work is the result of over six years of research within the Ministry of Culture Spain's Archives to seek out documents and reference documents that tell of his ancestry and who were his real descendants.

The book, Juan Ponce de Leon His New and Revised Genealogy is an important work that contains history, pure genealogy and it also will serve as an important tool for those people who would like to begin pursuing their own genealogy as well as an important tool for those genealogists and historians who are experienced.

The book contains digital copies of original documents that are relative to the ancestors and descendnats of Juan Ponce de Leon as well as his direct family members that the Spanish Ministry of Culture has graciously allowed me to publish as well as important reference documentation that will lead the researcher to other importrant historical documents.

The work also has been created to correct the many errors that have been made by other researchers regarding the genealogy of Juan Ponce de Leon. It strips away the mythos so that the total man and his history are revealed within a clearer and more refined light.

The descendants of Juan Ponce de Leon immigrated from Spain to Mexico, Honduras, Peru, Cuba, Isla Espanola, Equador, La Florida and Columbia et al...

It was Juan Ponce de Leon who discovered America not Columbus. Columbus was looking for a trade route to Asia when he accidentally found the islands of the Caribbean. He was off course by over sixty miles away from La Florida. Juan Ponce claimed la Florida on behalf of Spain, not Columbus.The King of Spain, Ferdinand didn't want Diego Columbo to extend his power beyond the Caribbean Islands, he sent Juan Ponce de Leon on that eventful voyage of discovery instead. La Florida was called Bimini which was derived from an ancient Taino word meaning Mother of the Waters. La Florida was named Pascua Florida by Juan Ponce so people would remember his discovery that fell on a very important religous holiday....Easter. El Dia de Pascua.

The work is also illustrated with some very old and anceint images of documents that in some cases are over 400 years old. They have been transcribed into modern day Spanish and English.

The book will be availiable at the price of 80.00 USD and will be published on CD and PDF format.

Please direct inquiries to this Web Site. You won't find the book in stores,since I am it's sole distributer.


John J. Browne Ayes is an award winning artist, visual arts painter, sculptor, photographer, genealogist, writer and poet whose paintings have been exhibited throughout Florida, His art is on exhibition throughout the Internet. His paintings have been exhibited within Osceola Center for the Arts, Kissimmee City Hall, Orlando City Hall's Terrace Gallery, Walt Disney World at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios on behalf of Hispanic Heritage Month and Black Heritage Month. His art has been featured within national and locally published calendars; his visual arts have appeared within local news paper articles as well as featured within national magazine articles - AARP's Segunda Juventud and Culture Magazine. His creations have been featured within local magazine - Ahora Orlando. His Painting, Mi Orgullo, My Pride is in the collection of former Florida Governor Jeb Bush. The artist and his paintings have been featured on television within Fox News, Local Brite House TV - Access Osceola, Channel 31 the Melbourne Arts Channel.

The author has been working upon his family genealogy since the age of fourteen to present. The monumental work within this book has been the result of his research within the PARES Ministry of Culture, Spain. He has been researching and documenting the ancestors and descendants of Juan Ponce de Leon for many years as an adjunct project to his own family tree.

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