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John P Peterson, 2nd great grand uncle

Born abt 1840 presumably in Eastport, Suffolk, New York to Lorenzo Dow Peterson and Emma L Overton. Here's the mystery but first a bit of background.
1850 living with parents Lorenzo Dow Peterson and Emma L Overton and siblings, Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York
1860 living with parents Lorenzo Dow Peterson and Emma L and siblings in Brookhaven, Suffolk, New York
22 Aug 1866 married Hannah Jane Champion in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Hannah Jane Champion, was born abt 1836 in New Jersey. Married 1st Edward Thomas 18 June 1852 Egg Harbor New Jersey, no children from what I can find. Married 2nd Richard Layton by whom she had 3 children, Joseph H, Lewis, and Arlinda. Married 3rd John P Peterson.
1870 Living with Abijah and Elizabeth Wescott, wife Hannah, step children by wife Hannah; Lewis and Arlinda Layton in Egg Harbor New Jersey
1876 was living in Atlantic City New Jersey at the time of father's death
1880 living with wife Hannah, step children Lewis and Arlinda Layton, and Elizabeth Layton who is in this census as "other" in Atlantic City New Jersey. I've been unable to ascertain the identity of this Elizabeth Layton, she doesn't appear to be a daughter of Hannah but it's possible.
Oct 1899 adopts Mary A Peterson (Mary was born around Feb of 1899)
1900 living with wife Hannah, Able Thomas grandson in law, Emma J granddaughter, Albert Mason grandson, Mary A Peterson adopted daughter, and Mary E Werk servant. Census says Hannah had 7 children, 2 living (Lewis and Arlinda Layton)
1905 living with wife Hannah and adopted daughter Mary in Galloway, Atlantic, New Jersey
According to the article Mrs. Elwood Thompson states she remembers an 8 month old baby being adopted by her grandmother, and the late John P Peterson of Patchogue. John P Peterson, son of Lorenzo Dow Peterson and Emma L Overton didn't live in Patchogue. I believe Mrs Elwood Thompson is the Emma J who married Abel Thomas who was living with John and Hannah in 1900 as this census record cites her as a granddaughter but I'm unable to determine father.
I've been unable to determine when exactly John and Hannah died. It's possible John died around 1906 not sure where. Apparently he was a sailor and laborer, so he may have died between New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania. The article suggests Hannah died 12 years before 1920 so probably around 1908 or 1909 not sure where but most likely in New Jersey.

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