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In 2017. Olga Utevska, a geneticist from Ukraine, wrote her dissertation paper in which she stated that the greatest diversity of I2a1a2 DYS448 = 19 (!!) haplotypes was in Ukraine and Belarus.
When I read the paper few days ago, at first I thought that she expressed herself imperfectly because it is a known fact that the greatest I-P37.2 (!!) haplotype diversity is in Ukraine, Belarus and southern Poland, but she was explicit: “the greatest diversity of DYS448 = 19 haplotypes”, which, in other words, means: I-PH908 (the so called “southern”, Dinaric cluster).
She also implied that the carriers of I2a1a2 haplogroup (again, more precisely, I-PH908) came to the Balkans with the Slavs in the V-VI (?!) century CE from the area which is a part of today’s Ukraine. And, this assumption was accepted as correct by many people.
However, it is obvious that Ms Utevska worked with insufficient data and consequently (let’s hope, unintentionally) came up with the wrong conclusions. A simple comparative review of the presence/distribution of I-S17250 DYS 448=19 SNP-s or subclades in the Balkan and Ukraine respectively will show the magnitude of her error.
The following list is based on the data from Ukraine DNA project, Srpski DNK projekat /portal Poreklo/, Y-Haplogroup I2a Project - Family Tree DNA, YFull…:

А13912, А13908 Balkan (Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria)
FT16449 Balkan (-/-)
Y144303, А22770 Balkan
Y52621 Balkan (Until now, not “officially” recorded in Ukraine, but it must be present there too because many men with this subclade/SNP left Montenegro, Serbia, or Herzegovina in the past 4 centuries and settled in the former Russian empire.
Y56203 Balkan
Z16983 Balkan, Ukraine
А493 Balkan, Ukraine
А5913 Balkan
А22312 Balkan
A16863 Ukraine
Y32084 Balkan
РН3310 Balkan, Ukraine

When it comes to Belarus, the result is even “worse”.

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