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Starting with Capt. Francis Drake

Tenth Great Grandparents 

Capt. Francis Drake (1615-1687) Mary Walker Drake (1625-1688)

Ninth Great Grandparents

Rev. John Drake (1655-1741) Rebecca Trotter Drake (1655-1702)

Eighth Great Grandparents

Abraham Drake Sr. (1685) Deliverance Wooden Drake (1683-1761)

Seventh Great Grandparents

Abraham Drake Jr. (1708) Elizabeth Lindsley (1710-1734)

Sixth Great Grandparents

Abraham Drake III (1730-1806) Anna Young Drake (1746-1809)

Fifth Great Grandparents

William Y. Drake (1771-1852) Jane Cary Drake (1775-1849)

Fourth Great Grandparents

David A. Drake (1799-1849) Elizabeth Ross Ogden Drake (1800-1849)

Third Great Grandparents

James Patterson Drake (1829-1864) Bathsheba Dunham Thomas Drake (1833-1924)

Second Great Grandparents

James Rissley Drake (1857-1931) Emma Day Drake (1860-1935)

First Great Grandparents 

William E Drake (1895-1966) Martha Rebecca Hansen (1898-1975)


Kenneth William Drake (1922-2005) Still Living (1924)


Still Living (1948) Still Living (1948)


Me (1976)

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