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Henry Brooks

BIRTH 23 DEC 1639  or it could be 1630  Cheshire, England

DEATH 7 NOVEMBER 1713  Cheshire, New Haven County, Connecticut, 

8th Great Grandfather
I have learned a lot and a little about my 8th great grandfather while researching my family tree. I have learned that he was from Cheshire, England and that the town that he came to, in America, was named after that place. I have learned of his child, Thomas Brooks. I have learned of his wife, Hannah Potter Blakesley Brooks. I know that he had land in Connecticut and he possibly served in a civil war in England. Possibly serving with Oliver Cromwell, but many say he was too young, but if the year of his birth was 1630, then he probably did. I have been trying to find some sort of birth record. I have found something on another site, but it does not have any real recording (actual written records) that I can see. I want/need proof that Brian was his father. I would love to be able to find that information and then maybe I can overcome this brick wall that has me stranded.
The Brooks family really have peeked my curiosity and I can't seem to stop trying to research them, even though I am just finding the same information I already have. I will keep at it and maybe, I will find someone that has some information that will help me out.

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