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Grandma Great Great Great unknown.  When I was young Grandad could name her. We did not write in the album. When older he could only remember she was a Grandma on his side and some history about her.  Mom did write data finally down in the album in  1958.  I sent copies of unlabled pictures to Hoffman/Huffman Reunion in  Iowa.  I have not known of a reunion in Greene Co. Pa ever. Though a small group of us got together in September 1993. 

Waynesburg, PA was the place and I stayed with Helen Durbin and then Eva Patterson as I learned more of the family my Grandad had asked me in 1958 to go find.  His Dad and his Grandad had kept some good clues and data for the family.

But MOM wouldn't write in the Album in the early 1950's and so names were lost with time.  Grandad Cecil Lee Hoffman could remember what his Dad told him about this picture and he also told the story of his marriage that was connected to this picture. 

So I am putting the picture out there because there must be others that have this photograph.  They took pictures in 4, 6 or 8s in early years.  I have also written more at this site for more clues.

It lists the known Grandmothers lineages as to whom she may be so you can check your files. Or see if she resembles someone you have in your files.

So if you can help solve the riddle we Hoffman Huffman family members would appreciate it.  Thanks

Major Information on pages referenced above.

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