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  Having just left the great new page on Facebook for the Old Golden Gate Forum group and others and seeing how it

has expanded in the last 24 hours, I could not resist this tidbit.  For two  years we quietly languished for finding our old roommates and chatter friends and workers.  Facebook changes a format and we have had 60 people found that never knew they were lost. 


  It is hoped we can encourage them to come to this site and re start some of the great group sessions we had in days of old. People learned so much and we did it from our homes not in cars, running down the road. 


  When AOL went away with the Golden Gate Forum we then worked with a member Joe and the GenealogyForum. 


  That also retired due to age and health.  


   What is concerning is to see that so many of those that have passed were in their early 70's or just 70. Does that mean we set on the computer to much and do not exercise like we should. Are blogs and chat rooms good for us?


  I heard of some having withdrawals when the blog areas were down.  I must say that frightens me.  I like to respond and comment and voice my 2 or 4 cents but I seem to not be able to post every day. I like to dig in the dirt and see the plants grow and the world around me. I love to set and watch the clouds as they sometimes March across the Sky.


 Family likes to watch the birds and their interrelationships when the babies are born. We have ten newborns at least that seem to be mastering to take flight.  Even the Dove's must have hatched because they are more territorial right now than they have been all winter. 


 So as life begins again so to may we can reach to those we reached to before, the shut in and the semi invalid that could not always get out but  loved the interaction and the great help given to  make the research move. 


  For the rest of us with gas prices through the roof it may be a great way to cut $20 a week off the gas bill.

  Still learn and still share but from the quiet of the house and a linger mocha latte, or cup of java or cocoa or tea. 

  We could even pass cookies around again. @@@@@@@@  Have some Cookies everyone.

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