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If you follow my twitter, you already know that my aunt and I have traded genealogy notes. I showed her how to use Legacy and gave her a file to start out with, and also lent her my Aceves-Echeverria binder to make copies of my documents. In turn, she and my other aunt (who is visiting from Mexico) lent me their stuff. I think that I got the better deal! A quick inventory of what I've processed so far...
Pictures (I put these on Geni already, coming to Flickr soon):
* Picture of my grandmother (of whom we were told there are no photographs) in a group with other family members, including two of her aunts who helped raise her children when she died. According to my aunt Cuca, their stepmother threw all of the pictures and documents out, but this particular photograph was in my aunt's room.
* Picture of my grandmother alone (pictured here), edited down from the above picture.
* Picture of my great grandmother.
* Picture of perhaps another great grandmother. Will have to double check identities.
* Picture of my uncle in the 50s with the bus he used to drive.
* Picture of my grandfather and his second wife.

* My aunt's birth certificate.
* My uncle's birth certificate.
* My grandfather's birth certificate.
* My grandmother's birth certificate.
* My grandmother's death certificate.
* My grandfather and grandmother's marriage certificate.
* Hand-written letter from 1908 from Juan Ramirez (believed to be a bullfighter) to great-grandma Refugio Echeverria, written when she was pregnant with my grandmother.
* Hand-written letter from 1910 from Refugio Echeverria (either great-grandmother or great-great-grandmother; must use dates to determine) to her brother.
* Hand-written letter from 1911 from a Refugio Echeverria to her son. Probably great-great grandma, as we believe that grandma was an only child.
* Receipt from 1920 for what appears to be burial permit fee for Refugio Echeverria (unsure which one).
* Hand-written letter from 1916 from Refugio Echeverria to her brother.
* Hand-written letter from 1933 from "Maria" to her aunt Elodia Echeverria (both of the Refugios have a sister named Elodia).
* Enrollment papers for my grandmother to attend school in 1915. Unfortunately, only the signature of the headmaster is on this, not of the parents.

There are still some more documents that I haven't gone through. Some of them are falling apart, and I'm taking my time in this process. Basically, I'm making a color copy of each document, putting it away, and working from the copy. I'm on a deadline of getting the documents back to my aunt Angela's house before my aunt Cuca goes back to Mexico, so an update will probably come shortly!

As you can imagine, I'm thrilled for a number of reasons. Firstly, because I had believed, as had my father, that no pictures existed of my grandmother. They had asked around decades ago, but come up empty. I'm so glad my aunt Angela asked my aunt Cuca to look through her papers before she came on her visit. Secondly, while I may have eventually gotten all of the civil registration documents, the hand written letters are something that can never be ordered or reproduced by paying a fee. I'm so blessed that my aunt had kept them all these years. A big thank you to both of them!

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Comment by Patricia Aceves Wyble on March 24, 2010 at 4:13pm
Jennell, sorry for the late reply. My Echeverrias are in Mexico as far back as I can tell so far. I haven't found any connection to Argentina, but if you have a connection into Mexico, please let me know. =)
Comment by Judith Abbott Lahr on August 28, 2009 at 5:45pm
Since I just received a great deal of pictures and personal writings, from my newly found 1st cousin, of my grandfather, I know how thrilled you are. Documents are great, but a picture and that writing that shows the inner self of an ancestor is far more important. It makes them live again for just a moment. A bonding of sorts. Very glad for you with your find.
Comment by Tina Micheal Ruse on August 28, 2009 at 4:23pm
I am green with envy at the treasures you have received!And very happy that you shared them with us!


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