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There are a number of places on the internet where you can upload your GEDCOM files to share your family tree research. Of course, Ancestry, My Family, and its RootsWeb World Connect are three of the most popular on the net. There are others! This site is hosted by several free internet webspace providers. One of those is They have much to offer including FTP access. The Genealogy Box on offers a forum. You can even host your own Word Press blog on also offers a free website with an easy online creator, memberships, communities, webrings, and forums. Angelfire, and Tripod are a few of the other sites that offer cgi for mail forms, but they do not offer free FTP access. Fortune City and Top Cites offer free FTP, but there are many adverstisments. is one of my favorites that offer applications like WordPress, databases, and more. has recently offered FREE Webspace and blog, too. If you have a Geocities site or even a FortuneCity or Angelfire website, you may have your site transferred for free to WebRing is offering free ad-free webspace and blogs. There is even a site, Genealogy Webspaces on CWahi.Net is another free web hosting provider as is WebNG. WebNG offers applications like Joomla, WordPress and PhpBB forums. You may gain more webspace on WebNG through referrals. There is also a new free web hosting provider, X10hosting. This site is well worth a look. X10hosting offers FTP, PHP, MySQL, Email, and a host of other applications. The Genealogy Box Joomla is hosted on Freewebsites offers FTP access, and a choice of domain, but they do not offer an online HTML editor, php or cgi.

For referrals to these free webspace providers go here.

I have previously recommended - Not any longer. The domain is no longer operated by or both under United Online. The domain was "cleaned" and "deleted" without ANY notice to its free webspace subscribers. I cannot suggest nor recommend or for this reason. If you had a website on AND an email from your domain, you may still be able to glean your contacts from your online email at this domain. The last time I checked my email on, it still worked. The rest of my site was deleted and redirected to

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