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February 2013 Updates at Texas - Trails To The Past

There was not much activity for the state in February. The month was filled with a lot of personal stuff. I also spent time helping a friend begin her family research. Please keep an eye on the Guerrero – Vasquez Family History page under “Family Research” on the Texas home page. I am excited about this project because it is my first project related to researching families of Hispanic, African American, Native American, Chinese, Japenese, etc. descent. Hopefully, this will grow into a major part of the Texas project. Charlie

Texas Visits
For the month we had 120 page loads with 31 first time visitors and 30 returning visitors. The Texas – Trails to the past added five more ‘likes’ on our facebook page. This is not a large number, but it does show continued growth of visitors as Texas grows. :o)

The following progress was made for the month of February

State of Texas –
Modified design on Anderson, Andrews, Angelina, counties.
Moved Angelina county to new home address. -

The Leaton Clark Collection -
Added “The Block Family History”

Added The Guerrero – Vasquez Family History -

Texas Historical/Genealogy books.
Continued working on transcribing "Types of Successful Men of Texas", by L. E. Daniell - No new activity for the month. Transcribers include J. Barker and Charlie Vines

County Updates

Angelina County -
Added city histories and county history


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