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Every once in a while I come back to more recent ancestors. The past few days it's been my great grandaunt; Fannie Slezak.

Fannie was born 4 Feb 1879 in Vienna, Austria to Johann "John" Slezak, and Ottilie Slezak nee Nessel. She first married Paul Loester (born 1867 in Vienna, Austria; son of Josef Loester and Wilhemina Rudish) on 18 Aug 1898 in Manhattan. Fannie and Paul had 2 sons; Paul Loester JR, born 11 Aug 1899, Manhattan, died 16 Dec 1955 in Valley Stream, New York; Paul Jr married Olive Fogg, and had 2 children. The second son of Fannie and Paul was Henry Loester born 17 May 1901 in the Bronx, died 19 Dec 1962, married Theresa Murray, had 2 children. Paul Loester SR seems to have died in 1909 while overseas on a business trip in Munich Germany. Newspapers at the time state he may have been murdered by a robber.

Fannie's 2nd husband was presumably a man named Henry Rutzinger. Henry was born about 1870 in Germany to George Rutzinger and Maria Edor. This was also his 2nd marriage. He first married Barbra Berger 16 April 1893, and had 3 children (Elizabeth, Eva, and Henry Jr) with Barbara. It gets tricky after 1900. In 1900 Henry Rutzinger was living with wife Barbara and the kids, but seem to have separated when the 1910 census record came around. While Barbara and the kids were living in Manhattan in 1910, Henry was living in the Bronx, I'm not entirely sure where he was in 1915, but Barbara and the kids were listed separately from him. In 1920, Henry Rutzinger was living with great grand aunt Fannie (Slezak) Loester as a "Lodger", and Fannie's 2 sons; Paul Loester JR and Henry. In 1930 Henry is still living with Fannie on Derby Street in Valley Stream New York but this time Fannie is listed as the boarder under her married name of Loester. A newspaper article in the Freeport Daily Review Nov 1927 cites Henry Rutzinger as an honorable mention for a well kept home listing his address as 80 Derby Street in Valley Stream. Fannie is usually cited between 1931-1934 as Mrs. Henry Rutzinger in social clubs and parties. So I'm surmising that Fannie married Henry Rutzinger sometime in the 1920s. Or was it common law? Who's to say for sure.

I find this interesting because yet again, after the death of Henry Rutzinger in 1932; Fannie married again on 27 Aug 1941 in Manhattan New York George Reinhardt, who had according to his naturalization papers 3 daughters born in Germany. Fannie was listed as Fannie Rutzinger. She was 62. It also states she had 2 prior marriages, and her sister Minnie had witnessed the wedding. So after Henry Rutzinger passed away, she left Valley Stream and returned to Manhattan. Her sons by this time were married with families of their own. Then there is the matter of her death which Fannie Reinhardt shows up in the death index for New York State 1946 13 Aug 1946 in Poughkeepsie New York. To be honest, I'm not sure if this is my Fannie. Why would she go from Valley Stream, to Manhattan, then go to Poughkeepsie? Was she visiting relatives? I've been unable to find an obit. I find it incredibly interesting!
I have 2 DNA matches to one of her sons by husband Paul Loester

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