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Early Notices of the Surname Young in Culross and Tulliallan

Some notices of the surname Young in the adjoining parishes of Culross and Tulliallan, Fife, Scotland, before the beginning of Parish Registers (Culross, 1641; Tulliallan, 1674)

1578 - John Young in Culross sought protection from the Privy Council against a false accusation of cattle theft.
(Register of the Privy Council)

1586 - Henry Young and John Young listed as landholders in Culross. Henry's land was called "Brewland".
(Registrum Magnum Sigilli, Charter no.1104)

1587 - John Primrose and John Young junior resigned possession of a saltpan in Longannet (Culross). A saltpan is a shallow basin from which salt can be extracted.

1590 - Gilbert Young and his wife Janet are mentioned in a minute of the Culross town council.
(Beveridge, "Culross and Tulliallan, vol.1, p.130)

1592 - "Robert, son to John Young, burgess in Culross [apprenticed] with Alexander Lyell, skinner"
(Edinburgh Register of Apprentices)

1602 - notice of John Young, tenant and servant of the Laird of Tulliallan.
(Register of the Privy Council)

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