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The Derry Civil War Memorial is located in front of the First Parish Church in East Derry. The other war memorials to Derry soldiers are all located at MacGregor Park, next to the public library on Broadway.

According to T.J. Cullinane of the "Friends of the Forest Hill Cemetery" group, there are about another 100 missing names that should be on the Civil War monument. He is working on identifying all the Civil War tombstones in the Forest Hill Cemetery, which is located right behind the First Parish Church. 

Killed in Action

George Emerson

Jacbo B. Hall

William Nowell

George E. Upton

Died in Service

David H. Adams

James Adams

Jacob S. Bartell

Nathaniel E. Brickett

John S. Bean

Thomas S. Dustin

William H. Day

George E. Floyd

Dwight E. Hale

Henry Hayes

William Marshall

Joseph W. Nowell

John H. Parker

Joseph C. Sawyer

William H. Stevens

James Stevens

Edgar H. Shepard

Frank A. Taylor

Willis I. Taylor

George L. Warner

Honorably Discharged

Joseph Arnold

Horace F. Abbott

Charles B. Adams

George H. Adams

Morrison Alexander

Frank G. Adams

Charles Aldrich

Charles R. Adams

George H. Butterfield

George F. Boyd

Nathaniel H. Brown

Alba A. Bachelder

John Bowley

George R. Barker

John Christy

Edward L. Currier

William W. Cook

Rodney Campbell

George W. Carr

David S. Clark

Warren E. Clark

J. Charles Currier

James H. Crombie

Harlan P. Clark

Henry E. Cunnningham

William B. Cogswell

Isaiah A. Dustin

John T. G. Dinsmore, Jr.

Henry G. Dillenback

Theodore Dinsmore

Alvin A. Davis

George M. Davis

Albert A. Davis

Frederic Davis

Albert D. W. Emerson

James Evans

George O. Everett

James H. Eaton

Nathan F. Flanders

Henry Forger

George E. Fitch

Honorably Discharged

Lewis Foster

Nelson Foster

Jeremiah Garvin

Fred D. Gregg

Daniel G. George

Emmonds Hill

Benjamin W. Holmes

Warren P. Horne

John L. Holston

Charles Hatch

George I. Herrick

William A. Hill

William M. Howe

William K. Hayes

Samuel Harvey

George A. Hill

Philip Jones

Simeon F. Kendall

Louis Londean

FRank A. Lincoln

John H. Lowe

John S. Loverin

Charles F. Mahaffet

George W. McKenney

Stephen Mills

William Major

Decatur McCartey

William A. McMurphy

Tennet Major

George E. Merrill

Nathan Morse

James E. Morrill

George Major

Robert W. McMurphy

Henry McMurphy

John R. Moulton

Henry M. Moulton

Herman Nichols

Perkins Nichols

Clarence E. Nesmith

Charles A. Nowell

Louis Nesmith

Daniel Owens

Francis Owens

Loami G. Pillsbury

Honorably Discharged

Benjamin F. Pettengill

Wiliam H. Palmer

Luke Poor

John Parker

Benjamin F. Rowe

Charles B. Radcliffe

Charles S. Reynolds

Nehemiah L. Richardson

George W. Randall

Matthew Senter

Benjamin H. Smith

Charles P. Stevens

Edwin R. Stevens

George W. Smith

Enoch Stevens

David C. Stevens

George F. Stevens

Henry A. G. Storer

Daniel Shattuck

Luther C. Stevens

Marcellus C. Shattuck

Robert H. Smith

Thomas H. Simmington

George S. True

Henry Taylor

George B. Tuttle

Horace Tilton

Allan C. Taylor

William H. Thompson

Job F. Thomas

William H. Thomas

Thomas Tyrie

Norris C. Wiggin

John J. White

Timothy H. Wiggin

Charles Wiggin

Charles F. Wheeler

Caleb F. Whidden

John E. Webster

William H. Wilson

Augustus A. Woodward

Kimball Wilson

George Thom

The last name on the list, George Thom, appears to have been added later. According to this is General George Thom, son of James Thom of Londonderry and Harriet Coffin of Gloucester, Massachusetts. He graduated from West Point, class of 1839. "He was the Chief of Topographical Engineers for General Halleck and created the Official Thom map for the Battle of Shiloh. General Thom held comminssions in all the military grades up to include that of Colonel of Engineers U.S. Army with the Bevet Rank of Brigadier General. He served his country for 44 consecutive years. He donated a stained glass window to the First Parish Church in East Derry, NH..." [this monument stands in front of the same church]. General Thom is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery, behind the church.

Friends of Forest Hill Cemetery website

A Derry News story about the Civil War monument and Civil War graves:

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