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Defining the Genealogy Community - Comments and Thoughts

Defining the Genealogy Community  -   Comments and Thoughts

Interesting how the "Hot Topics" show up at the busy time. More importantly one wants to answer the 

query with serious thought and not provocation.

Having read that there was a comment: "Are Bloggers the New Experts?", I had to set on my response a bit.

Blogging in no way makes anyone an expert, but it does let someone who may be an expert in some area or arena of Genealogy to shine and be an Expert. Blogging is a form of communication used to share information or find information.

Playing on the use of words, yes and making sure there is a difference yes, and I am thrilled to see others reading some of the forward thinking people on Google+. People whom make businesses thrive have great ideas we can apply to what we do for promoting Genealogy. 

Amazing how many business people are seriously interested in Genealogy. Always a collective voice works better than singular voice. 

As a genealogist and blogger, yes we can become the "NEW SOMEBODIES," but we want to do it with positive

words and actions. 

As to making money doing genealogy, I have done both research for fee and research for free.  Would I like to make money at  it? That is the bigger question. If you have a client you are generally very time constrained. Being paid or not does not affect my work, the thrill of the find is always the top end.

I think we have the moral responsibility to assist our fellow man, ie genealogists, historians, family members etc.

There is no reason why you can not earn money doing it also. Observing the many genealogy minded people I have over the years, I find we tend to be the moral fiber of our community.  We need to think on that and act according to our inner thoughts. I am totally for being paid and for doing some for free. Events vary and distance and costs, so we need to look at the over all picture and respond accordingly.  Genealogical Writers will not make money if the people do not like what they publish, just like any author. 

As stated in a previous blog I have found a blog I follow and he is not a working genealogy blogger he is a writing blogger. Some day I will ask him if he does genealogy.  I pay for some of my information gladly. 

Regarding what is the word "Community" mean to us, I suspect to the bulk of the genealogists I have met it almost implies like an outer circle of family.  We are a family of sorts and share with each other in much the same manner as a working family holding each other up and together in good times and bad.

We hug and share and we express our thoughts and move on generally. 

Happy New Year and may your New Year be Peaceful and Genealogically Prosperous.

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Comment by Susi (Susan C Jones) Pentico on January 5, 2012 at 10:39am

Christine, I think we have to make all members aware that the world is not the same everywhere. My stay in Michigan left me with very little internet usage and even more limited cell phone use.  I had already experienced this in Northern Ca when I would go to Mom's. Internet and Cell phone use is limited to none due to mountains and not filled with people, like the city areas are.  So usage is not big and fees are through the roof to bring the electronic system in whether you do Dish or Cable or Satellite.  The USA did this to people on east coast in rural areas when the storm swept north and the earthquake happened. Many got no news for days or people aware of what was happening, again government relied on ultra modern, we are not as of yet.

So with all that said yes we need to slow down some of these great concepts so we can at least use or learn some of them with out drowning.  

Comment by christine woodcock on January 5, 2012 at 8:58am

Oh My Goodness, Susi, and I am horrified that that is what you took away from my comments. I apologize. I love Google+ It has enriched my learning, my research and my entire genealogical experience. I promote Google+ to everyone as a great way to connect and learn.

I also love blogging and bloggers. Again, reading other's blogs has taught me so much. I am so grateful to others for sharing their knowledge and I am humbled by some of the stories others share either about their ancestors or about their research. I love reading the struggles of the "beginners" and their ability to overcome challenges.

It was through G+ that I became aware of the great divide between those who are "the techies" and those who aren't. It has been through G+ that I see the stronger personalities come forward. I suppose they have come into their own in a medium that is now comfortable for them. I just hope the more forceful personalities don't make the quieter ones who truly are learning from the rest of the community feel like they don't belong. Connecting is what genealogy is all about. And the Genealogy Community on G+ is a great place to connect. For so many reasons. I just don't want the new people who are still finding their way or who are sitting back and taking it all in to feel like they can't join in and be a part of the entire community.

Comment by Susi (Susan C Jones) Pentico on January 5, 2012 at 12:06am

Christine,  I was stunned to read that you felt that google + put some people ahead of others so to speak.

I definitely do not think because one Blogs your an expert.  Nor does it make one an expert of any thing but the ability to blog ie talk in writing format. 

What has frightened me is the way the  techie people have taken off and left the rest in the dust so to speak.

I wanted to learn how to do this feature but there are so many doing it, I think it would be a waste of my time now. I can not keep up with all the lessons,suggestions and ideas being put out by so many people.

So I have somewhat withdrawn myself back into more of a shell regarding these features. I brought these features to our society because I wanted them aware, then suddenly we are drowning with them.

I learned many areas of the USA are not up to this techie stuff yet so we are really sweeping them off the feet and running full steam ahead and away.  Shucks some areas can hardly get internet or cell phone reception yet the USA acts like we are all living down town major city with all amenities.

Comment by christine woodcock on January 2, 2012 at 9:02am

Interesting thoughts, Susi. The new focus of the genealogy community on G+ is a bit unnerving. At first, I was thrilled with the ability to connect with like minded. I love learning and was so grateful to have that forum as a teacher. I thought the outcry over the vendors at RootsTech was the dividing factor. While I was pleased with the outcry and with the banding together to effect change, I saw the beginning of the great divide. The stronger personalities became more forceful and started preaching about what the Genealogy Community should be(come). It was no longer a mentoring strategy or a way to get connected and to become better known in our own right. It was the big-wigs vs the rest of us. I don't like that. Genealogists have a need to connect. That's why we do what we do. And the connection on G+ was like no other. But sadly it has become a way to set the big boys at the front of the class and the peons to the back. It feels unfair, unjust and not at all about connecting. More about showing off.

Oh dear, have I said all of that out loud?

I think Amy Coffin is right, change is a comin....we just need to see if it is a positive change.




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