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 We all shared the stories of buy American for this year.  I am not sure if we all posted what we could buy as Americans and Genealogists. 

 I see some bloggers are posting their Wish Lists on their blog.  Wow, now we are blogging Santa Claus, Kris Kringle, and all the other jolly fellows out there.  

  Yes, there is a Santa Claus. :>) 

   Here are some suggestions:

   1. Ticket to Chula Vista Genealogical Society Spring Seminar with William Dollarhide and Leland Meitzler.

   2.  Renewal of membership in your local or distant society.

   3.  FlipScan

   4.  Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand

   5.  Photo paper, matte or glossy

   6.  Ream of paper

   7.  Acid Free Ink pens and pencils (Creative Memory has) Staples no longer carries them.

   8.  3 ring binders, 

   9.  Acid Free Sleeves

  10.  Ticket to Burbank Seminar

  11.  Expenses paid to FGS Event

  12.   Expenses paid to NGS Event or partial

  13.   Airfare gift card, gas card, motel fees

  14.   New Camera Nikon ?

  15.   New recorder

   I think you are getting the picture. Blessed Christmas 

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