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A friend just sent this to my mailbox and I am going to mention it here. What a terrific idea and how silly it makes me feel that I never thought of doing this myself.

When you census papers arrive, after you fill them out copy them for your files and save them. Then in before 72 years shows up your data is there for future generations. Attach your census data to you genealogy that the family will have for the future.

Now I am wondering if under the Freedom of Information Act if we could get our individual past census records released to us. Not someone else's but our own data we submitted. Sure we know what was happening at that time but it may be a thought to ponder.

Also with the Government not releasing a full census in the future and the data we want may not be the part they impart with it may behoove us to do this.

It is truly hoped everyone by now has heard that the government is only releasing bits and pieces saying it is to expensive to release full census in the future including the one we were so anxiously awaiting to help in genealogy.

A man from NARA gave a talk on this about a year ago so that we would be aware of the potential of the data we seek not being available. I was surprised it did not create a letter writing campaign then to prevent that from happening but
I suspect the economy nudged along this concept.

The alternate would be to back track in your files and create a list for the years the census was done and include in your files the data of your family for the last say 50 more or less years. It is first hand information and there by can be valid for research.

An example would be my name, age, marriage status, address, how many in household and occupation for say 1960. making sure you list town and county and state. I am not sure if there is a place to do this in our programs without it being released to public but I know we put the data in as personal information on ourselves and children i e parents.

Just an interesting thought for it to be viable source for future generations since the census will not be released in total. One can even have it (data) notarized if felt necessary.

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