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Brick Wall Bashing Help in Logan County, Kentucky

 Hi Everyone,

  Having just received permission to share this on my blog I am promptly doing it.

  I use lists for research and today having received this information and then permission to share.

  On Jun 10, 2014, at 10:34 AM, wrote:

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Do you have a mystery on your hands? Are you looking for a bit more information on your ancestor than you can find on the web? Contact the Logan County, KY Genealogical Society for help. 
Logan County, Kentucky is one of the few locations that has never experienced a court house fire and unless the record has been out-right taken or destroyed, it is in the vault of the Logan County Archives located at 278 West 4th Street, Russellville. 
Email them with your specifics at logankyarchives at and provide them with your ancestor's name and enough additional vital information to connect your guy to the records and they will email you back a list of court cases, marriages, estate information, military info, ANYTHING that pertains to your guy/girl along with information on how to mail order copies of records. OR, you can use the email as a research guide for your own visit to the Archives.
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**********READ THIS AND DANCE.....
Yes, by all means, share this. The review of our records is a free service to researchers, copies of any record in our vault or holdings is $0.25 per page, copies that we will have to retrieve from the Clerk's Office are $1.00 per page, and we request postage as well.
clerk, Logan Archives
Subscribe to the Logan Links, our society's Newsletter, available by e-mail only
$12.00 per calendar year, order from LCGS, P. O. Box 853, Russellville, KY 42276-0853

Includes various items -- including but not limited to
1. Indexes to records not available anywhere online
2. Articles on historical sites in Logan County
3. Database of the equity cases, 2 boxes per month covered
4. Photos donated by researchers
************* THIS IS GREAT NEWS, enjoy, use it and break down those walls.  Susi Pentico, Educational Chairperson of Chula Vista Genealogical Society in Chula Vista, CA a suburb of San Diego.

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