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Blogging and It's Challenges

Blogging can bring families together that were not aware the other existed.  Blogging sometimes makes people say please do not write about my family. Please, yes respect their wishes. 

Blogging is almost like a diary for some. They record their adventures as they move along. 

Blogging definitely has it's challenges. Some days we win and some days we lose. We all have our own set opinions on how to blog, what to blog and the format to use.

Recently, I took a course on how to make your blog more exciting and interesting. Much of what was commented on made good sense but some of it, appeared to get my writing in a dither. 

So be yourself when you blog and do not try to change yourself in doing it. Blogging is truly much fun and can be very 

creative. Thinking it should also be interesting and informative, blog(write) away. 

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