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Before They Were Belushis (or Blues Brothers)

The name "Belushi" is familiar to all, thanks to John and brother Jim. But it is actually a very rare name in America, being a variant of their father's Albanian surname.

The brothers were sons of Adam Anastas Belushi, who was born 2 Jan. 1918 in Qytezë, Albania, and died 30 May 1996 in Los Angeles County, California. Adam's wife was Agnes Samaras, who was born in Akron, Ohio, to Dimitrios Jorgi and Anna Popa Samaras, both natives of Korçë, Albania. Known as "Demetre George" in the States, Agnes' father is quite a well-documented fellow. Records of his first arrival at Ellis Island, his second arrival at Ellis Island (under the name "Jorgi Dimitri"), his declaration of intention and naturalization certificate (both PDF), and his death certificate may all be viewed online.

Adam Belushi arrived in New York aboard the S.S. Manhattan, 4 October 1934, under the name Adam Belliors. Adam was preceded to America by his father, Anastas A. Belliors in 1931 (the passenger manifest indicates that this was a return trip), and followed by his mother, Vasilo (Manika) Bellios (note the variant spelling), who arrived in New York aboard the S.S. Rex, 23 March 1938. Anastas and Vasilo are buried in Elmwood Cemetery near Chicago—home also to their son Adam, though not to their grandson John.

After his death in 1982, John Belushi was buried under a rock on Martha's Vineyard. But he didn't stay there for long.
In May of 1983, Belushi's widow, Judy, had John moved in the cemetery, because fans were desecrating his grave. She had him dug up, and moved to an unmarked location, 11 feet to the north of his tombstone. During the operation, John's wooden casket collapsed and a copper one had to be used instead. To make things even more difficult for fans to locate him, the tombstone was moved to the cemetery gate.
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