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Any other person researching Portarlington Ireland Huguenots.

Is anyone researching the Huguenots that removed to Portarlington, Ireland. Some of those Portarlington Huguenots moved in 1732 to Williamsburg, South Carolina, America. Does anyone know if there is a list of those people that left?

A Richard Cassel, (AKA Richard Castle ) a prominent architect in Dublin, Ireland. Stated that his family were French Huguenots that escaped France during the reformation and that he was born in Cassel ( or Kassel ) Germany. Also says that when he moved from London, England to Dublin that he was joining family in that area. More about him at this Wikipedia URL

I have a CD “Family Archives Huguenot Settlers in America 1600-1900s “

Stating that a teacher the name of Cassel was a teacher at the Galway Portarlington school.

I would sure like to know if any Cassels left there at that time.

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