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       A day for us to always remember  11 September 2001.  Where were you on this day?

       Do you have it in your genealogical file?   Have you shared the information of this day with 

       your children and grandchildren.  

      This information should be included in your time line and so it is not forgotten, in case the other 

      part of the  world wants us to forget.

     If you have forgotten much of it, or felt it did not affect you to pass it on Google this topic so you can

     remember the situation of the day. 

      A memorial was just dedicated in the field in Pennsylvania for those brave souls. 

     Our family was so blessed with the escaping and near misses that reshaped many of their lives.


  1. On September 11, 2001 Al-Qaeda terrorists hi-jacked four jets and flew them into the towers of the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and the last was forced down by flight attendants and passengers

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